Vermacon technology


When regulating the air volume, only the amount of air needed for the drying process is heated

  • Constant regulation of the airflow in order to optimize the dwell time of the heated air inside the dryer to secure a most efficient evaporation process
  • Patented measurement technology for the determination of the present situation of the dryer and for the calculation of the actual demand of drying air
  • Direct saving of primary energy with possible savings up to 45 %
  • Short amortization and short project time
  • Simple proof of energy savings (e.g. gas meter)
  • CO2-neutral production of laundry
  • Protective drying process​

>> We strongly believe it to be the smarter approach to only use the energy needed than doing damage control by trying to reclaim some of the energy that had been consumed needlessly and therefore wasted in the first place.

More important facts on Vermacon Technology

  • It’s purely additive and does not interfere in any functions of the dryer itself or any of its program settings.
  • It does not affect the dryers productivity. It may shorten the drying period, but it never extends it.
  • It is maintenance free. No additional maintenance is required (when respecting normal dryer maintenance advised by manufacturer).

>> It works on all types of dryers (gas, steam, electric) of all manufacturers.